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one, two, three,
we fall
Friday, April 30, 2010
please take one.

well, i was walking home just now (yes, it's shockingly early). there was this old lady, she was giving out flyers. yes, flyers, stuff that we all throw away without even looking at it. well, so there she was giving them out, at that age of hers, she could have retired 10 years back! she gave out one flyer, one more. then there was this once, she gave it to this someone. well, the person accidentally let it go. Gush, the wind blew as it flew further up on a sloped grass patch. the flyer laid there. This old lady. went to pick it up. she hurried along, looking as if she would fall anytime. She picked it up, and continued giving out. She could have left it there, besides, the faster she is done with the flyers, the faster she could pack up and go home. But she didn't. This lady, wayh overage for something like this, hurried to pick up a flyer, an insignificant flyer, on a sloped grass patch further away. don't you just admire her passion? I do, and i regret not taking a flyer. Or two. ):

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
it's good that things,
never change.

i'm just sitting here and reminiscing, all the good things, all the bad. to think we were so foolish.iIf i could go back in time, and go through this all again, i wouldn't change a thing. and now, when things are all upside-down, it's good to have an assurance that things haven't changed. You haven't changed. Looking at things, as it was today, you may not know it, but it showed a sign of friendship again. I looked at the little things you did, you miss him don't you?

it's all good!

Sunday, April 25, 2010
spamming jon-hann,
is fun!


i didn't realise how much i've missed you guys till we finally meet again today! i had a blast, did you?

thank you

I HOPE WE MEET AGAIN SOON! [next time, with sarah and vanessa!]

and as i've said earlier, spamming jon-hann is fun!

these are the random stories I made up to spam him (: it's FUN!

"One day, I saw a flower. It died. I cried. Then i died too because i cried too much. Then a penguin came by. It said hi. Then it died. The end"

"A shoe said hi. It died. ZhanTze said hi. He was in uzbekistan. They all died because someone farted."

"As the saying goes 'shoes are awesome'. I beg to differ. I was walking by a shoe shop last sunday when I saw the ugliest shoe ever! It was so ugly that it killed me and I died. The end"

"There was an apple. Somebody ate it. But spat it back out because it was too ugly. Then the apple laughed and died of laughter. The end"

"One day, I met someone ugly. He was so ugly. So i killed myself. Then, that guy laughed. And died of laughter. THE UGLY ALWAYS DIES!"

"One day, the fan didn't blow wind anymore. Oh no! So they called a doctor and he said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed."

"I saw a wall. It's head was on the floor. On it was a door. Behind it was the seashore. On it was a whore. She felt the shore was a bore. She was bored to the core. So she bought a shawl. And bought some more. Until there was four. Then she received a call. It was from danny from the hall. He said he's butt was sore. So he let out a roar. And I killed them all. The ned-all. Do you notice it rhymes? (:"

"One day it was raining. I had to stay indoors, so I was unhappy. I didn't care, so I ran out of the house and I saw a crocodile. I screamed. He laughed. Then suddenly, the crocodile grew a moustache and died. The end."

"I looked at the grass. It swayed. I looked at the trees. It swayed. I looked at the building. It swayed. I looked at you. You swayed. Because the wind was blowing. Because the wind was blowing."

"Hello the pear said. And then a knife came and it died. That happened to the papaya, watermelon, orange and grapefruit. Then, the dragonfruit said yo. It died by the blender. The end."


Wednesday, April 21, 2010
there it was,
i couldn't wait.
i wish i did.


but i was kind of disappointed. kind of.
the class was so low.
they all couldn't wait to get out of it.
they weren't taking it seriously.
they were complaining it was boring.
it became boring.

i'm sorry. this is not something to suan you. but i want you guys to know that we do put in effort to please you guys, we do try. we hope you appreciate it. you guys are an awesome class, we know you are! 1K, where did your spirit go!? best in cheering, 1K. this isn't supposed to start some war or anything, but i want you guys to work on this okay? DON'T LET THIS SPIRIT DIE! (:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
love me for a reason,
let the reason be love.

why is everyone saying they're like a roasted peice of pork?

common anagram that i never heard of before. BUT EVERYONE'S USING IT! hmmm, unstable weather nowadays like the state of my mind. I never actually had a mind, so there you have it. I'm unstable because i have no idea what I'm talking about (:

oh yeah, got a new phone because apparently i left my previous one in the toilet and it's gone. well, they left my wallet behind -.- weird. and getting specs. i look, weird. it's all weird. like my brother ^^ hahahah, miss teasing him, and calling him 'weird'. why don't i do that anymore? ):

hmmm, the title don't match the post. hahahahah, love. roasted. pork. unstable. phone. weird.


too bad. bye.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes you, i didn't say that. Don't blame it on me.

[spot the hidden person]

Monday, April 12, 2010
we are the champions,
competitions' are over.

RiverValleyHigh Odyssey of the Mind Group 3 is loved!

Through all the fighting,
and the laughing,
we have grown so much stronger!

Although we didn't win, we have won in putting up a show, a show i am proud of!

Respectacular! is loved very much too!

Finals, here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

WE ARE AWESOME ; we know!

thank you so so so much you all.



Monday, April 5, 2010
i'm trying,
you may not see it,
but i am.
i am tired.
but i'm still trying.

Saturday, April 3, 2010
aliens love underpants,
I found a compo I wrote a super extremely very very long time ago. here it goes:

A trip to the Zoo

I loved going to the zoo. The zoo was always ready with new things for me to explore and discover. I wonder what is install for me this upcoming trip. Could they have taught Ah Ming, the gorilla, to ride a yacht or cycle? Fine, Ah Ming is smart but maybe not that smart! Can you imagine a gorilla riding a yacht at the yacht club or see it cycling along East Coast. That will hit the headlines in the papers. The last time, Ah Ming, was doing some kind of weird dance, it looked a little like the hakka.

My heart was beating faster and faster as we reached the entrance of the Singapore Zoo. My parents went to get the tickets and my siblings and I chattered like monkeys about what we were going to do first.

i always insisted we see Ah Ming first, he is my idol, other for Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou. But again my siblings "over-argued" me. They won, I lost, the end. So we went to see the birds first, If they like the birds so much, why come to the zoo? Jurong Bird Park would be a better place! Let me see Ah Ming!!!

After "admiring" the birds, thought i did not quite enjoy it there cause i do not want to see the birds now, maybe later, but not now, I want to see Ah Ming! we went to the gorilla's habitat. And guess what? Ah Ming was peeling a orange, how smart, my younger sister could not even peel a banana, but what do you expect, she is only 4 months old.

After Ah Ming peeled the orange he threw it in the air and ate it, the audience gave him a standing ovation, everyone cheered.

Watching Ah Ming was enjoyable but I tell you what is more enjoyable, playing the wet and dry playground. That was definitely the best part of the whole entire trip. It was so fun running in and out of KFC, eating and playing at the same time.

That was off the hook. After that, we went and see many other animals like the flying squirrel, lion, tiger etc. After walking for 1 hour plus we decided to take the tram, to rest our legs. My favourite part of the tram ride was seeing the Tapirs, one had an anthurium on the head and the other had a gerbera. So cute and adorable! How I wish to pat them or even better bring them home.

But that would not be too nice, wouldn't it? The other Tapir would be lonely! Unless its a buy one get one free matter. We got off the tram and went to watch the seal show, it was cool, the seal did tricks and stunts. After the 15 minute show we went to ride the ponies. It would be more fun if the tamer let him go and then it would run around the track freely and it would seem that I am a horse rider, but I am not, so I would just stick to the horse trotting about.

Then we went to ride the elephants. Upon seeing the elephants, my younger sister started wailing. I think she was startled by its incredibly gigantic size. So only my father, my older sister, my brother and I went up, my mother had to take care of my baby sister, that crybaby in disguise as an angel. Fine, that sounds a little rude, sorry! We were like sitting on the roof top of Miss Tan's bungalow, only that it has rough skin and it moves.

We thouroughly enjoyed every step the elephant took. When we came down, it felt awkward as if you just flew for 10 minutes an awkwardly came down.

We wrapped the trip by getting two souveniers. You may ask why two? But do not worry, one of the souveniers would be gone in 5 minutes. It was an ice-cream cone and a stuff toy, I got a strawberry ice-cream and a tiger stuff toy.

We went home happily and satisfiedly.

all content published are in their original state. spelling mistakes, grammatic errors, and even punctuaton ones too.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

it's my fault.

Mr Ang told me my math marks when i didn't ask, and didn't want to know. -.-
Odyssey of the Mind, 7 more days.
Singapore Kindness Movement [kindness cheer], 9 more days.
Death, next 6 days.

this baby,