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one, two, three,
we fall
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
come on,
stop these emotional posts.
about leaving.
about heartbreaks.
about terrible heartaches.

tears, are something that one can't control.

we're you're alone now,
my brother is so embarrassing in golf ._. [yes, he's seeing me type this]

Speech and Drama tomorrow! please, i hope we don't mess it up.
remember your lines, bring all your supposed outfits, and don't stone!
Jiayou, GROUP NAME! [yes, we couldn't think of a group name]

if we even finish our preparation -.-


whoa, they took their 2.4 run today. i couldn't run, so i watched them. and oh.my.gosh. they improved by so much lah. i don't know if i can even beat elvan anymore >.<


Tuesday, March 30, 2010
together, we stand through this.
together, our moments we cherish.
together, we would not fall.
for together, we strive through it all.

together, we try our hardest.
together, we do our best-est.
for we know together, we have it all.
together, we enjoy our dashes through the mall.

together, cut each other's throat,
together, we take on shakespeare's quotes,
for even when we argue,
together, we know we'll pull it through.

for all the bickers,
and snickers.
we know we'll still be there together,
for each other.

for i thank you for all the memories,
all those shared injuries,
of which kong never feels,
sometimes i think she's made of steel.

for i we know we'll pull through this tough week,
of paint, we may reek,
but we are there to help on another,

oh we stand together.

you may want to leave, but you have commited.
for you can't leave, we're all dedicated.
for why leave our hearts shattered?
if you're never here, instead always scattered.

we're going through the same things,
for everything that's happening,
we're going through it together,
thanks for driving us madder.

i don't blame you. maybe you never liked this in the first place, but you agreed. we all did, and we stick to our agreement. for you can't take these things for granted, and just walk out on us. maybe you're busy and life's just tough, but you don't just walk away when things are getting rough. it's okay if you go, we'll find a replacement, but that'll never replace the hole you left in us. for it's not about winning or losing, not about being the best. it's about trying our best, and winning this war we've been fighting.

anyway, happy birthday.

Monday, March 29, 2010
when we go down,
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]
[!] i'm back [!]

this baby,